Roxanne Bradley

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Roxanne is the President and Founder of Learning Differences World. Her passion is supporting families as you work together to ensure that the school is meeting the needs of your child. As a former teacher, engineer, and corporate manager -- and mother of two foster-adopted children-- Roxanne brings her unique experience to bear on every situation.

As a Special Education Advocate, Roxanne brings her unique background to bear on every situation. As a parent of two children with Learning Differences, Roxanne has been advocating for children since 1999: first with her own children, then for friends. Since 2014, Roxanne has been consistently helping parents get the supports their child needs.

Roxanne finds the simplest way to explain the educational system and processes. She is very clear, responsive, and has good communication skills. We felt very comfortable asking her for what we needed.
— Past Client

As an Trainer, Roxanne has taught her whole life. She began in high school as a tutor, then taught 6th and 8th grade math. After transitioning to the corporate world, Roxanne developed and taught classes at Pacific Gas & Electric and Hewlett-Packard. Roxanne has taught in several countries and at many conferences.