Does your child need help?

Do these situations feel familiar?

Feeling Left Out

Does your child feel left out of the activities around him? Does he want to learn, but can't seem to remember from day to day?



Is your child frustrated because no matter what she does she can't seem to get her work in on time? Does she get frustrated because no one seems to understand her?



Are you feeling angry and frustrated? Is your child a mystery? Is the educational system a mystery and you have no idea where to begin to unravel this mystery?


Roxanne Bradley Can Help

As a mother of two children with Learning Differences, Roxanne knows first-hand what it feels like to be told that your child is different. She knows what it feels like to be told that the school can't help. She knows what it feels like to have no hope for the future because your child can't learn or fit in.

Roxanne "focuses on the needs of the child in question, the interests of the parent, the available data from evaluations, and the ideas of the school officials to facilitate an agreement that works best for everyone involved." Email or call Roxanne to schedule a free consultation.


Roxanne is a dynamic hands on, take charge leader with a myriad of organizational skills which enable her to be effective with children, young adults, adults, school personnel, and business colleagues. She is a self-starter who is a natural problem-solver with the tenacity required to find creative solutions to a wide range of challenges facing parents and families who deal with special behavioral and learning issues. She is an advocate par excellance..."
Karen Judge, Parent

[Roxanne] is extremely well-versed in IDEA [Individual with Disabilities Education Act] and the IEP [Individualized Education Program] process. Her knowledge, combined with her drive and collaborative nature have made her a blessing to the parents and schools with whom she has worked.
Dan Connolly, Parent

...I was always impressed by [Roxanne's] ability to be passionate while remaining calm, and to be detail-oriented without losing sight of the big picture...she teaches parents their legal rights under the IDEA...and how to effectively work with the educational system...
Kate Gerland, Special Education Attorney