Roxanne's Background

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Roxanne likes solving complex problems. As a military brat, she went to a different school every two years until she was in junior high school. Some would say this was tough, but Roxanne enjoyed the challenges that came with fitting in.

Roxanne learned how to make friends in any situation, how to stick up for herself, and how to solve problems. Facing challenges head on, learning quickly, and applying her learning to the challenges she faced became ingrained in her being. Along with the ability to solve problems, she also found that she liked to teach others what she had learned.

When she taught school, Roxanne fought for the students who were behind in math by convincing the principal to adjust the schedule so the students could get more help. When she was in the computer industry, Roxanne sought out experts, learned from them, and implemented what she was taught. That wasn’t enough for her, she then took her newly gained knowledge and taught classes to help others.

Using these skills, Roxanne advanced in the computer industry and became known in her field of expertise. Then she became a MOM! Roxanne thought being a mother would be fun! She knew there would be challenges, but she was the expert at dealing with challenges. Boy, was she in for a surprise! Roxanne had TWO children with Learning Differences!

When you realize that your children are different from the “norm,” that they have trouble in social situations, that they have trouble learning in school, that they can’t relate to you in meaningful ways, that “normal” parenting techniques don’t work - you get sad, very, very sad. You also find it very difficult to find the right people to help you.


Roxanne knows first-hand what it feels like to be told that your child is difficult. She knows what it feels like to be told that the school can’t help. She knows what it feels like to have no hope for the future because your child can’t learn or fit in.

Roxanne’s passion is to help you and your family through the complex, sometimes difficult, process of getting the educational supports your child needs. After almost 20 years of working with the educational system, she can support you as you work together to build hope for the future by knowing that your child’s needs are met.

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