Educational Advocate

As a trusted advisor, we provide you personalized, professional support during your interactions with the school on behalf of your child.

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By listening to your story we begin to understand what you, your family, and your child have been experiencing. We make sure that we understand the situation and the people that have been involved. If there is any documentation between you and the school, we will ask for copies. This might be old IEPs or emails. If it is appropriate, there may be medical reports or evaluation results that we would also need to see. 

We analyze the data as well as the situation. Once we have done this, we meet with you to discuss our findings and to ask follow-up questions to make sure we didn't miss anything. While we are talking, we develop an action plan to address immediate concerns and then to address concerns that are looming in the near future. We both typically leave the meeting with tasks that we need to complete either before we meet again or before the next IEP meeting.

When it comes to the IEP meeting and process, we help you:

  • Collaborate with the school to create an IEP that meets your child's unique learning needs.
  • Communicate with the school about your child's Learning Differences.
  • Navigate the complex IEP process.
  • Find the resources you need to support your child.