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Parent Survey
Please answer each of the following questions to the best of your ability. The results of your survey will be considered independently of your identity. Upon completion, you will receive a personal email from Learning Differences World ( with your free IEP Team Contact Tool attached.
I will do whatever it takes to make sure my child's educational needs are met. *
I will do whatever it takes to make sure my child's educational needs are met.
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Please rate your agreement with the following: *
Please rate your agreement with the following:
A class on __(topic provided below)__ will help me to better meet my child's educational needs.
Instruction in the IEP Document
Practice Reviewing IEPs
Practice Making Changes to IEPs
A step by step review of the IEP Process
Instructions on parents’ rights in the IEP Process
Tips and tricks for successfully navigating the IEP Process
Practice using collaboration and negotiation techniques at each step of the process
Instruction in understanding several of the most common educational assessments
Exercises in translating assessment results from EduSpeak to Standard English
Practice in asking the right questions when the presented data is confusing
Instruction in how to document your child’s diagnoses, behavior and needs
Tools to use to ensure accurate and thorough documentation
Instruction in negotiation, mediation and due process (litigation)
Instruction in how to choose a special education attorney that suits your family’s needs
Let's assume we offer IEP trainings in 3 hour increments. Which of the following schedules would suit you best?
Weekday Mornings *
Weekday Afternoons *
Weekday Evenings *
Saturday Morning *
Saturday Afternoon *
Saturday Evening *
Please choose one of the following options considering a hypothetical class that would: *
a. Help you feel confident about your child’s next IEP meeting b. Take place on a Saturday from 8:45am to 4:00pm c. Include lunch and materials
An educational advocate assists parents in navigating the IEP process. An advocate attends IEP meetings, assists with letters and correspondence, and helps problem solve.
If I hired an educational advocate, *