Customized Seminars and Speaking Engagements

Whether you are a parent, teacher, school administrator, or service provider, you may be called upon to participate in an IEP meeting. Our trainings will develop your understanding of children with Learning Differences and, if appropriate, your role in the IEP process.


Popular Topics

  • Learning Differences and How They Impact Learning

  • 2E Gifts and Challenges: Ensuring Your Child's Educational Needs are Met

  • ADHD: Impact to Learning

  • Participating in an IEP - What is Your Role?

  • Living with Children with Learning Differences

  • Alphabet Soup - My Child has What?

Potential Audiences

  • Schools (both private and public)

  • Faculty & Professional Development Days

  • Parent Support Groups

  • Staff Training & Development

  • Conferences & Faires

  • Parent-Teacher Organizations

  • Local Businesses

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Service Providers: Nurses, Counselors, Therapists, Doctors, Naturopaths, Learning Centers, Tutors, Attorneys, et. al. . .