Roxanne Bradley, President & Founder

Besides being the head of the company, Roxanne serves as our Educational Advocate and Trainer. Roxanne holds a B.A. in Math, a Certificate in Secondary Education, and an M.S. in Engineering. Roxanne and her husband, David, adopted two wonderful children who, after much collaboration and hard work, have both graduated high school and now live independently. To get services for their daughter, Roxanne and David had to take the school district to court. Their case went all the way to the Supreme Court which upheld the 10th district's ruling in favor of their daughter. They are the only parents who have won in the 10th district in 28 years. You can read their story in these blog posts. Roxanne currently resides with David and their dog, Cleo, in Lakewood, Colorado.

As an Educational Advocate, Roxanne brings a unique perspective. As a parent of two children with Learning Differences, Roxanne knows what it is like to advocate on behalf of your child. Having been a teacher, she also understands the concerns and constraints of the educators. She uses this knowledge to bring disparate views together for the educational success of the child.

As a Trainer, Roxanne has taught her whole life. She began in high school as a tutor, then taught 6th and 8th grade math. After transitioning to the corporate world, Roxanne developed and taught classes at Pacific Gas & Electric and Hewlett-Packard. Roxanne has also spoken at several conferences.

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Brittany Clark, Communications & Outreach Specialist

Brittany handles all the day-to-day activities that ensure our business runs smoothly. She attends all of our events, writes blog posts, facilitates our communications, and is training to be an Educational Advocate. Brittany graduated from American University with a B.A. in International Studies and a concentration in Peace and Conflict Resolution. She speaks French and has worked in after-school programs in Washington, DC and Aurora, CO. She currently resides in Centennial, Colorado.

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Julia LaBarbera, Social Media & Events Coordinator

Julia creates our social media posts, schedules the postings, and keeps track of what is working. She also keeps track of our upcoming events, including, scheduling and needed materials. As a senior at Jefferson County Open School, Julia is working to determine her future in college. She speaks Spanish and loves to ride horses. She currently resides in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

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Learning Differences World is a proud member of the Denver Metro Interagency Transitions Team (MITT). 

MITT works to provide support and information to individuals with disabilities as well as their families. Through our multiple partnerships we seek to enhance opportunitites for success through all life transitions including the areas of health, home, independent living, education, employment and peere support.

Visit the MITT website, created by Roxanne Bradley and developed by Brittany Clark at 

Roxanne Bradley is an active member of the American Business Women's Association Denver Downtown Chapter. 

ABWA is a national association committed to the professional and personal development of women.  At the Denver Downtown Chapter, we add in networking, mentoring and leadership opportunities. We offer monthly programs that help you maintain and update your business skills. And, our chapter sisters are always there to support and mentor you.

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